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Originally Posted by Justaclerk View Post
Just saw the extended CBS news segment. Warrior SSG Shurer is fighting another battle.

Fuck cancer.

Link here.
I didn't realize until I played that video that I actually watched this engagement while it was going down. We had a 2 ship of HH-60s prepo'd to Jbad for PR/CASEVAC support and were watching the pred feed in the TOC.

Talking to a couple of guys after the fact, we agreed the mission planning imagery really did not do a good job of showing just how extreme the terrain was in that valley. The whole village was built on top of these couple hundred foot high vertical cliffs as you can kind of see in the CBS video. How they got the building materials up there I have no idea. I just drive the bus but I remember very distinctly thinking, that does not look a good place to own the low ground.

Definitely a no shitter. Very surprised but relieved when we heard all the guys made it out.
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