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Cass explains:

I graduated High School in 1946 and within three weeks was in Boot Camp. Following completion of Boot Camp, I was sent to Motor Mack (MOMM) "A" school. Thereafter, I was assigned to the USS Bremerton, a Heavy Cruiser, where for some reason I was then assigned to the deck force learning how to become a janitor.
Many of us were soon assigned to the USS Duluth, a light Cruiser, and almost immediately sailed overseas to Japan, Korea, (yes, in 1947), China (Shanghai, Tsingtao, Hong Kong) then back to the States. I put in a "chit" to reenlist. In those days one did not speak to upper echelons, but rather used a chit to ask for basic things. My chit was denied because without me knowing it many of us on the Duluth were already on orders for ETS Discharge; so much for manpower retention. I took the discharge, but in two years reenlisted back into the Navy and was sent to the DesBase (Naval Station) in San Diego for fleet assignment.

I really miss him. Thank you for the photo, SHHINT.
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