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Originally Posted by SHHINT View Post
I had to head down south for my grandfather's memorial service last weekend and got the opportunity to finally stop by the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery to visit my other grandfather and grandmother's burial site. I had never been there and he passed in 1996. It felt good to have, and then get the chance to pay my respects to Cass finally.

I have to admit I'm a bit perplexed by his marker. WWII, Korea and Vietnam? I get the Korea and Vietnam part, but he'd have been very very young for WWII and he never once mentioned that (not that he would have) when I spoke with him in the past.

They are in the middle of putting down more sod so I expect his site will be nice and green in the coming weeks.

I believe that, and correct me if I am wrong, but Cass was in the Navy serving in China (around 1947 IIRC) doing river patrols right after the end of WWII as we know it. But, I believe that was still considered part of WWII as far as the campaigns were known, as was the "mop" up portion, security and stability, stop any civil unrest, restore the govt. In China especially at this time there was a lot of turmoil.
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