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Originally Posted by Glebo View Post
Uncle Ronnie's election probably curtailed more than we may know...

It was a good feeling. I was tired of Carter...I think we all were...especially being in the military
I enlisted while Ronnie was still president but I was tired of Clinton....
I remember being at the 1992 AUSA convention in DC. General Steiner was on a tour promoting USASOC/JSOC. They put on an elaborate theater presentation featuring a number of participants of Eagle Claw....on a blacked out stage, in the uniform they were wearing on that day, and the spotlight on them. They told a portion of their story from that operation. Quite chilling at moments. When the lights came on their was a loud pop from the ceiling and hundreds of psyop pamphlets came raining down from the roof. They were from the 1st Gulf War advising the Iraqis to surrender. It was quite the theatrical event and was intended to get people to join Special Operations. At that time I already had my packet in for selection.
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