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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
If any of you motherfuckers reading this gets anywhere near something like this, say something!!! To anybody, just say something!!
Amen. A-fucking-men.
You don't always see this kind of shit coming
Reach out. To someone. Hell, find *me*. I'm just me, but if any of you dudes want to talk through some demons, I'm available. So are others.

Anti-depressants especially are a dangerous motherfucker. If you're trying to get off of them, don't do that shit alone. If you're fighting that, say the word, someone will be hopping a redeye riki tik. Even if you're cool now, but you know a fight is coming, reach out. It's not a sign of weakness, dont believe that bullshit. Even the hardest motherfucker has had someone watching his six at some point.

I can't pretend to know what demons one faces with or without anti-depressants, with or without legit PTSD, or what have you. But I'd surmise I speak for many when I say, it doesn't matter if it's day, night, or any hour in between, you call we pick up.
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