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Update from Brendan O'Brien, at, #2

Latest Update: Please RSVP if attending Kevinís celebration
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Hi all. Sorry for the delay in updating. We have been moving forward on a bunch of things.

First of all, if you are planning to attend Kevinís celebration of life on Sunday, June 11, in Rye, NH, and you havenít RSVPed, please do so by sending an email (subject line: RSVP) to I have a feeling there are many people who are planning to attend but havenít RSVPed. (And just a reminder, everyone in the Weaponsman community is invited.)

Second, if you know somebody (maybe another teammate) who has mentioned that he is coming, but is not a Weaponsman reader, tell that person to RSVP.

Why do I care so much about RSVPing? Because we are only going to have food and seating for the people who have RSVPed. You donít want to be the hungry standing guy who didnít RSVP.

I donít think Kevin mentioned it much in the blog, but in the last few years, he had become interested in cooking. This is the guy who thought ďovenĒ was always preceded by ďmicrowaveĒ up until about 2012. He really liked cooking for other people and did some interesting experiments. They didnít all work, but he made up for the occasional error by always making a lot of food. Sunday dinner at our house might be burgers and tater tots. Dinner at his house was a seven-course extravaganza.

My point is that he would really feel bad if people came to his party and there was nothing to eat. So RSVP!

Now for some bullet points.

We got to visit Zac (Small Dog) yesterday at his new home. Heís doing great! My sister-in-law and her husband, who are wonderful people, have a lot of experience with dogs and theyíve made him very comfortable and happy. How much does he remember about his life with Kevin? Hard to say. But I hope heíll always remember, at least a little.
We really need to get in touch with a friend of Kevinís named Joseph Cunningham. If any of you folks know Joseph, would you please ask him to reach out to me through the email address?
We wonít need any help paying for the celebration or blog upkeep, such as it is, but thanks so much to all those who have offered.
Does anybody have a simple way of getting a copy of a DD-214? We canít find Kevinís.
It may take a while, but we expect Kevinís final resting place to be at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery, which is in Boscawen, NH.
Iím now updating the blog with my own account, which is awesome.
Keep the pictures and stories coming, and if youíre coming June 11, donít forget to RSVP!
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