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Old 24 February 2012, 16:48
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WO Stan Krasnoff

When I was with B-36 in 1968, We had an Aussie WO Named Stan "Mad Russian" Krasnoff assigned to our unit. Krassnoff was crazy and pulled some outragious pranks.

One time, Six of us went into a squadron officers club on Tahn Sun Nhut AFB outside of Saigon and started drinking. We wore tiger stipped uniforms without insignia. There was Major Bob Lunday, Krasnoff, SGM Hillman, Two other NCOs and me.

The club belonged to the "Thunderbird Squadron". The club officer didn't challenge us and after we were there for an hour or so, the Squadron Commander (0-6) came in and asked Lunday who we were? Bob replied that we were all SF unit leaders except for Stan who was an Aussie.

The SQD CMDR said that if we were going to be allowed to drink in his club, we would have to be "honorary Thunderbirds"!

Bob asked how we could become honorary TBs and the SQD CMDR said that He (Bob) would have to drink a THUNDERBIRD Drink. The bartender asked Lunday if he wanted to continue drinking Scotch and water and Bob agreed. The BT reached under the bar and retrieved a "THUNDER MUG" (old time cammode) and filled it with a quart of scotch and a shotglass of water. Lunday started drinking the THUNDERBIRD DRINK and the Colonel noticed the Green Beret in Bob's pocket.

The Colonel said trhat you would never catch him wearing a "Girl Scout" hat. Lunday replied that the Colonel wouldn't qualify to wear the hat because you had to be a "Real Man" to pull it off. Bob took the hat out of his pocket and told the colonel to try it on. The SQD CMDR put the beret on his head & Lunday reached up and rang the bell over the bar! The bar had a sign posted that said, "HE WHO WEARS A HAT IN HERE, BUYS THE BAR A ROUND OF CHEER"! All of the pilots ran to the bar and when the colonel asked Major Lunday what he was drinking, Bob told him he wanted ther "THUNDERBIRD" scotch and water.

The night went on and at 0200 hours the club officer wanted to close his bar. Stan Krassnoff took a Swedih K Sub Machine Gun and shot all of the lights out above the bar! The Air Police responded but the colonel ordered them to leave because the bar was closed!

SF Mike
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Old 24 February 2012, 17:09
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Maybe someday I will see this re-created . . .

Tonight . . . on the American Expericence . . .
Wolves and alligators should be cross-bred to make wolfagators that will be silent and fast, and we'll never have to hear from those people, they will just be wolfagator shit.

Are you fucking serious? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week...and I'm at a senior staff planning conference, so, the bar has been set pretty high. You should be proud. - Gavin
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