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Old 16 December 2009, 12:21
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I wouldn't worry so much about shoes unless yours are just worn out. You need to A: search for a Sports Chiropractor. You don't need incense and B.S., you need biomechanical help. B: You need to watch someone run who knows what they're doing. This will help you with C: Your own form. I would be willing to bet that your form is off. The two biggest problems I see by FAR are too long of a stride and an unrelaxed running posture.

Feel free to PM me for specifics or a possible referral to a responsible D.C.
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Old 16 December 2009, 12:57
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Originally Posted by Bodiebot View Post

How far away do you sit from your cars gas and break peddle?
Turns out I was sitting too far away and was the starting point of my back aggravation. That is when I started to do the preventative maintenance i.e. work outs surrounding my core but more importantly strengthening my hamstrings. It sucks to do for the first few weeks but not being able to sit down correctly is better than the back pain.

So all I can say is strengthen, stretch and then stretch some more, replace running shoes every 3-4 months and stretch.
Also think about going to the pool, put your old shoes on and start doing some interval training. The resistance of the water provides a good work out and the low impact will help your body recover.
Interesting points and definately some food for thought....something my back Doc told me was that as Americans we are in too damn big a hurry all the time. If you watch an American walk up to a tuff bin sitting in the bed of a pick up, we'll reach in, grab it and lift/turn in a single motion, where many of the rest of the world will reach in grab, lift, THEN TURN, and this sets the conditions for us screwing ourselves up at some point in our lives once the wear and tear starts to weaken the back...I hadnt noticed it until he pointed it out and now I see it all the time.
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Old 16 December 2009, 17:20
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In my case, it wasn't my core (I crossfit - though not religiously) and it wasn't my shoes ($430 combined with my orthotics) - oh, wait, it was my shoes.

During a run over Thanksgiving weekend my back hurt so bad that I was buckled over in pain. It hurt while standing and was enough to end my run at barely a mile. I have since ran twice in the Five Fingers. During my first run I had a *slight* tinge in my back, but it was not at all debilitating. My second run I had ZERO, NADA, NOTHING in my back. No pain at all. I have been struggling with this (and shinsplints) since February when I started CF.

The shoe companies have been fucking us up for 25+ years, so ditch the soft, cushiony, motion-control, stability bullshit running shoes. Use the money you would've have spent on a chiropractor and buy Five Fingers. If you're a size 43 and I'm wrong, I'll buy the Five Fingers from you - discounted 50%.
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Old 17 February 2010, 10:57
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Diet could also be a factor in lower back pain. I don't know how, but I used to get the lower back pain when I would go on long runs up and down hills. I know that muscular imbalance and tightness were probably significant factors in my case, but I also started focusing on eating lots of vegetables and carbs and avoiding milk products and heavier foods in the few meals before my runs. It seemed to have helped, and I don't think that I lost any weight or anything like that. I just think that the vitamins, minerals, and lightness at the time probably helped. Also, correct running form and technique are important. I don't think that I used to focus on that until a buddy of mine bought a book on it.
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