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Old 9 January 2013, 22:11
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Wall of Shame?

Hello Navy SEALS,

I am a former Marine Infantryman, and let me start by saying that after Osama I will never talk smack about another sailor again. Not that I did very much in the first place, but you know how it goes.

The reason I'm here is because I am looking for the 'Wall of Shame'; the list of people who never were SEALS but claim to be or they disgraced themselves somehow and are no longer considered SEALS by the SEALS themselves. I guess first I should ask, does it even exist?

So, can anyone shed some light on this for me? I'd appreciate any help.

Semper Fi, my brothers in arms.

"Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit"

-HUMVEE Driver

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Old 9 January 2013, 22:49
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Pretty sure that old "Wall Of Shame" was taken down. Try going over to the Phony SEAL Check section and ask your question. Read the rules there first.
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Old 9 January 2013, 22:52
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The Wall of Shame that contained many names of posing Frogs and SEALs was terminated many years ago. It is not even hidden behind a Blog or masked in a Web site.

If you wish to inquire about a person's claim to SEAL service I suggest you send Frog on this Website a Private Mail [PM]. I no longer vett SEAL service.

But I do know about the Wall of Shame being taken down as it occured on my watch on another Web site. We received many threats of retaliation, but the killer was when a Fortune 500 Company lined up their General Counsel to sue the then SEAL Verifiers. It came to past that a guy who posed as a SEAL and was placed upon the Wall of Shame, he cleaned up his act and became a valued employee of the 500 Company. It was I who went to my best compromising and manangement language to get the 500 Company to lay down.

The Frog and SEAL Verifiers do not have Lawyers, legal remedies, or even funds to travel to a distant city to engage in a Court battle. Any disbursement of funds would come right out of the private pockets of the SEAL Verifiers, and if the Claimant won a case the SEAL Verifies would be out there as private citizens paying a possible bankrupting, slanderous award.

There is no SEAL Wall of Shame.
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Old 9 January 2013, 23:02
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That you both; I'll check out everything you mentioned.

I appreciate the info.

-HUMVEE Driver
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