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Old 7 October 2006, 04:12
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UDT and EOD same thing?

Hi, in the Navy are EOD and UDT the same thing? Or is UDT exclusively a term relating to Navy SEALs?
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Old 7 October 2006, 09:37
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Some of the SEALs on this board may have more accurate answers than I, but I'll take a stab at it.

EOD Techs are graduates of Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal. UDT men were graduates of BUD/s. Apparently, there was a time when some "Frogmen" - UDT/SEAL, also attended at least part of NAVSCOLEOD.

The history of UDT is well documented. Not true for the EOD community. It is clear that for many years EOD and UDT missions overlapped in the littoral; read mine clearance.

SEAL Teams were formed in early 60s. This meant that BUD/S graduates served in both UDT and/or SEAL Teams until UDT were redesignated as SEAL Teams...I think it was 1983.

I've always guessed that the resdesignation was due to over time the overlap between EOD/UDT in the littoral environment became redundant, the need for men performing SEAL missions grew, and the increased complexity of skillsets for both EOD-SEAL required concerted focus one or the other.
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Old 7 October 2006, 17:53
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Think about it. There have been, and are, two seperate training pipelines. Oh, UDT is also not spelled EOD. Search and read, if you can.
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Old 7 October 2006, 19:07
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EOD stands alone. UDT in their day had a mixed bag. Within the UDT Teams there were EOD trained personnel who also were initially UDT trained and within a UDT Team. Today there are no UDT Teams, therefore, the terms EOD and UDT are not comparable. Where EOD lives on, UDT has since went by the wayside.
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Old 7 October 2006, 21:31
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Originally Posted by Tom Deam
Think about it. There have been, and are, two seperate training pipelines. Oh, UDT is also not spelled EOD. Search and read, if you can.
Although I agree the poster needs to do more research on his own, I see no reason for such a shitty, sarcastic response.
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Old 8 October 2006, 07:09
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I have been taught if there is a question, then find the answer. The internet provides a vast pool of answers as well as libraries. All it would take is to google each acronym and the answer is provided.

My response was more a comment on iniative than being sarcastic. It could be taken that way however.
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Old 11 October 2006, 18:15
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Before there was a UDT there was the NCDU or Naval Combat Demolition Unit.
Good history here- Draper Kauffman is the man. The main building at EOD school is named after him.

EOD, UDT and present day SEAL teams share this same lineage. Since the missions evolved in separate directions so did the two communities. The UDT team and mission fell by the wayside until Gulf War 1. Because of the inability to clear the shallow waters off Kuwait the Navy established the "Very Shallow Water or VSW team in San Diego after the war. This team was a mix of EOD, SEAL and Force Recon guys who re-established our ability to "clear the beach". Recently the team has been re designated Navy Special Clearance Team One or NSCT-1. Don't know how long they will stick around- most people said that they were going the way of the decom- until AreK Barrrrwins buddy popped a nuke.

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