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Old 6 March 2008, 02:54
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Security contractor resume.

I don't post often,mainly just read.
But I'm having trouble finding info on how to put together a proper resume for a private security contractor like Blackwater,etc....

I'm having alot of trouble staying here in the states now that I'm out of the Army. I don't really know how to do anything here.

Does anyone have any info on good private contractors? Like smaller ones?


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Old 6 March 2008, 05:50
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If I am not mistaken, during your ACAP meetings you should have been provided with a resume workshop. If you didn't attend that one or did not have the opportunity to use those kind of services before you ETS'd, you can go back and take those workshops up to 90 days from separation.

A simple google search for "sample security resume" yields the following result:

Google results

and in that link you will find:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Writing a resume is no fun. Especially starting off. I know I had to sit down for a few hours and write my first one out. It wasn't great, but after I had it I could go around and ask people what they thought of it. Now, four years later it is pretty good looking but I still try to improve it regularly.

Realize that a resume can make or break you in the hiring process, but I wouldn't necessarily feel that to be the case if you're applying with someone like BW, 3C etc. More for high-profile jobs.

Once you are done writing it out, using one of those templates, I am sure some folks on here (one in particular - if you do some research) will be willing to help.
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Old 6 March 2008, 09:30
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If you are applying to BW they have a temp plate that you must use on their website.

Use it.
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Old 6 March 2008, 09:41
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good show!
Currently in South Sudan.
Got anybody you know there?
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Old 6 March 2008, 12:48
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Maim, PM sent.
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Old 6 March 2008, 17:25
Faithless Fox Faithless Fox is offline
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Thanks for all the help. Minus the humor.
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Old 11 March 2008, 18:32
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My first resume was the easy one. I started with a resume template from Microsoft. Then I took my military evaluations and typed them into the work experience portion of the resume template.
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